Sunday, December 28, 2014

End of the year...

Okay, it's the end of December, time to reflect on how the year flew by.

It was a good year, all in all... I think...

There is an old fable of the peasant farmer... here's a link to a Taoist version= Taoist_Farmer  but the way I learned it each time the farmer responded with 'Could be good, could be Bad. It's too soon to tell..."

So just like the old fable, some things were good, some were bad, and most are too soon to tell.

Some of the good-
              I'm into a set of jobs I love.
              My etsy shop is going well.
              My throw together woodshop is working.

Some of the bad-
             Well, obviously my blog consistency.
             We've had two vehicles die... one ours and one that was borrowed.
              I haven't re-opened my Art Studio.
              I pretty well abandoned the fitness/self improvement over the year.

Too soon to tell?
               I've acquired things to start my Stop-Action Projects.
              Well... just about everything else, or maybe even the ones above.

So looking forward, and hoping to improve is the tradition  at this time of year...
                                  so here's to the New Year!

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