Sunday, September 7, 2014

Better late then never.... end of the season.

Bear Gallery, Sep, 2014


So, at the end of a long summer of two day jobs, I'm ready for a break.

I've been working at the local Parks and Rec, and driving for a local restaurant that caters to tourist. Both fun jobs, and I love them both... but together...     Well, I'm glad the season is almost over.

I have been spinning...  I actually acquired some Qiveut (Musk Ox Undercoat, very soft, warm, local- to me anyway-, and somewhat pricy,) and spinning a local fiber while talking to tourists (of course, wearing the Bowler) just adds to the pioneer spirit they expect to find up here. Especially since I've been making more spindles. I'm even being represented in the Bear Gallery's Gift Shop (a very nice Fairbanks venue) for the month of September... thus the above photo.

 I have acquired a band saw, but haven't figured out where to put it yet... so my woodworking should grow. Hopefully I'll figure out placement and workability of shop-space before snow sets in. Hmm....  if I clean out some of the greenhouse space, put the router table and one of  the two table saws in the basement, then it should fit.... and I still need a drill press...   --Sorry, got sidetracked there for a moment. 

Other things this summer, well saw several movies, some of which deserve their own rants, or raves, but I gotta do this one. I know, I'm weird, but I loved the post credit scene in 'Guardians of the Galaxy.' Despite the worried thoughts it could invoke, I thought Howard was perfect for that movie. And this one, in 'Winter Soldier,' why keep the red star on Bucky's arm when you cut out the entire communist background?

Okay, well, it's late, and I probably should leave this for now.
Till next time-

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