Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Turkey Carcass Day

   Now that the bird has been roasted; the dressing, and gravy devoured; and the season is really settling in... or is that just the tryptophan? It's a pleasant feeling being in a snug warm home with family, enjoying time together without worrying about the upcoming stresses. Watching movies and playing games with the kids, or snuggling on the couch, relaxing before tomorrows big rush.
   Tomorrow of course is Black Friday... the busiest, most volatile, and most extreme shopping day of the year. Every panicked gift buyer, every deal hunter, and every Brick and Mortar vendor will be out there, competing to see or be seen, whether selling or buying. And I will be out in the middle of it, feeding off the energy. For you see, I am a vampire.
    No, not a wanna be in goth fashions... (I won't even go into the wrongness of the sparkley ones now... that's a later rant.)  No, I am an energy vampire. I will go out even if my shopping is done, just to 'feed' off the crowds buzz... besides I do still need a few small items... like, I think we'll be out of milk by morning.
    Besides I need to work on my spinning, I still have a lot to finish for my monthly goal. (yeah 6+ oz left of an 8 oz spin... right, and then the 4 oz spin that I need to finish plying? Yes, just a bit to go.) So I'll be the non-panicked shopper wandering through the crowds, probably sipping a coffee and spinning as I go.
     See you out there, but now... I think there's still time to relax.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Well, Hello...

Well, I guess I'm committing to starting a blog now...  I have posted a few random entries at other sites before, My Fine Art America account for instance, but it was specialized to my Paintings, and I will only continue that one when I get back into painting... kind of taking a break on that front right now. So this should be a random blog of my interests. Hope you enjoy may odd take on things.

So to give you warning, I'm a husband, and father, though my kids are growing up and out fast...  and my interests vary wildly. I mentioned the fine arts, and  have recently taken up hand-spinning, and building spindles so woodworking and fiber arts are there too... which I am displaying/selling through my Etsy Storefront- Arctic Visions. I'd like to dabble in stop-motion film-making, maybe next summer... I'm a film/TV(streamed or DVD)/Literature buff, enjoying Sci-Fi, and Fantasy primarily, but love a good story. And yes I collected comics, and still game (tabletop- not online.) I grew up as a science and computer nerd,  but am so far out of date with current technology trends-so much so that  I'm proud I have a stupid cell phone. We live in Alaska, so that presents it's own rewards and challenges, which I'm sure will find it's way into this blog. And yes, I am a Pack Rat... something my wife shouldn't have to deal with... sorry love.

 So if this seems like a fun mix, welcome to my Rants and Rambles.