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Aiden and Rosekin Bardolf...

Origin Story for both my wife, and myself in Amtgard Persona... originally published in forums in 2000.

Aiden was born of a gypsy and a woodsman, and raised in the Valleys of
the Everwarm Springs, deep in the Southern Evergreen Forests. He was
raised with a healthy respect for magic (mother was an alchemist) and
taught the splendor and strength of nature. Rosekin (my future wife)
was born of an Arms Dealer in the same area, and we grew together as
childhood sweethearts.

However this romance was short-lived, as the Arms Dealer moved to the
war-torn high plains of the west. Unbeknownst to Aiden, the arms dealer
became quickly wealthy, and proclaimed himself a Duke.

When Aiden had achieved manhood he was granted a name. As is the custom of
his Mother's tribe he was named based upon his personality. He enjoys the
company of few, trusted less, and between his trusty axe, a bit of
thread, and a flint-stone, could live for months at a time without the
company of others... thus they named me Bardolf... the Axe Wolf. Thus
named he decided to seek out his childhood love to ask for her hand.

Having the resources of his mother's tribe, he asked a seer to help find
her. The old woman did help, telling Aiden that he would need to recover
the Crystal Chalice before he could win her hand, and that then she could
be found in the high plains, when he was ready to find her.

The Chalice was difficult to recover, and that story shall be saved for
another time.

Upon his arrival at in the High Plains, Aiden discovers that the Arms
Dealer is trying to legitimize his claim to nobility by marrying his
daughter into the royal family. However, not everyone likes this idea...
and to try to stop the wedding (that Aiden was almost a week late to stop
himself) someone had kidnapped the Arms Dealer's only Daughter. Her five
brothers, though competent warriors and mercenaries, had not been able to
track her kidnappers.

Aiden offered his services to track the kidnappers, and reminded the So
called Duke of his woodland skills, tracking, and basic survival. All he asked
for in return was the use of a sure footed steed, a pouch of supplies
(rope, dried meats, etc.) and repairs to his weapons. The 'so called' Duke
insisted instead upon replacing weapons with the finest from his arsenal,
and agreed to the rest.

However during his stay Aiden noticed that his chalice was changed... a
subtle change in the shaping. It seems the 'So Called' Duke had it
'replaced' with a good copy, and was trying to trade the original as a
bride price to marry in one of his sons to one of the nearby Royal Families.
Not being happy with being duped, and with his basic knowledge of alchemy,
Aiden set several small reactions into place. Thus by midday after leaving the
'So Called' Duke's Palace (with both chalices),he noticed the smoke on the
horizon behind him. The 'so called' Duke's Palace had been built of
cedar... which makes a wonderful bonfire... After all the name his
alchemist mother had given him in his youth 'Aiden' means the Fire

Tracking the kidnappers was easy, as they had never tried to hide their
trail... they thought the wind upon the plains would be good enough. The
gypsy seer's words came true, and the power of the chalice was indeed
what was needed to achieve the girl of his dreams. You see the chalice's
power is simple, the bearer may not be attacked, and may not attack
anyone. Aiden used the power to it's full advantage, trapping his
opponents, and eventually recovering his love.

Having burned our bridges (or Palaces as it were) with her family, they
continued north until they were far away and found a community just
rising itself out of the wilderness. We live just outside this new 'civilization.'
Here, the lighted Chalice (or the chalice and the flame, depending
upon your point of view) became our family Crest.

The winters in Astral Winds may be a bit harsher...
but there are still hot springs and evergreens, so together we
make it their own warm home.

Notes on the Chalice-- it was approved back then as a non-combat artifact- And is the core to the safety  of our Household- It's effect are tied to old class abilities/effects... when a light is placed inside the chalice, everyone inside the lighted area is under the effect of a Monk-Like 'Sanctuary' effect- further, anyone outside the area effect is dissuaded from attacking by means of an Expanded Area equivalent of the then Scout's 'Camouflage' Ability... thus without 'Tracking' the people inside could not be found, and the people inside could not harm one another.

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