Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Well, Hello...

Well, I guess I'm committing to starting a blog now...  I have posted a few random entries at other sites before, My Fine Art America account for instance, but it was specialized to my Paintings, and I will only continue that one when I get back into painting... kind of taking a break on that front right now. So this should be a random blog of my interests. Hope you enjoy may odd take on things.

So to give you warning, I'm a husband, and father, though my kids are growing up and out fast...  and my interests vary wildly. I mentioned the fine arts, and  have recently taken up hand-spinning, and building spindles so woodworking and fiber arts are there too... which I am displaying/selling through my Etsy Storefront- Arctic Visions. I'd like to dabble in stop-motion film-making, maybe next summer... I'm a film/TV(streamed or DVD)/Literature buff, enjoying Sci-Fi, and Fantasy primarily, but love a good story. And yes I collected comics, and still game (tabletop- not online.) I grew up as a science and computer nerd,  but am so far out of date with current technology trends-so much so that  I'm proud I have a stupid cell phone. We live in Alaska, so that presents it's own rewards and challenges, which I'm sure will find it's way into this blog. And yes, I am a Pack Rat... something my wife shouldn't have to deal with... sorry love.

 So if this seems like a fun mix, welcome to my Rants and Rambles.

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